10.1 New Items on VMware Cloud Director 10.1

VMware Cloud Director 10.1 is now out! I’d like to highlight ten (technically, 10.1 🙂 ) items that showcase some of the new functionality within this release. This is not by any means complete. However, these are top of mind items I’ve interacted or reviewed.

Release Notes


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Updating the VMware Cloud Director 10.0 Appliance and Other Tidbits

In this blog post, I am going to review the process of updating a VMware Cloud Director (VCD) virtual appliance along with a quick walkthrough of this patch release.

Yesterday, we released our first 10.0 patch – release notes here.

Please note that while we can upgrade via the VMware Update Repository, the patch has not been propagated just yet (as of January 16th, 2020).

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VMware Cloud Director – A New Day.

I look back at the (short) time I’ve been at VMware and still fascinated by how technology evolves. VMware vCloud Director has been near and dear to my heart throughout this journey, for better or worse.

Today we announce VMware Cloud Director Service at VMworld Europe. I’ve been testing Cloud Director Service (CDS) and stoked I can finally discuss it in public. My man Ari Paul wrote about our other awesome announcements for VMware Cloud Providers here.

It’s pretty amazing to see Pat on stage discussing Cloud Director Service –

Before we get started, I wrote a blog post in April of 2018, stating the following –

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Kubernetes with VMware Cloud Director and Nirmata

Over the past few weeks, I have been evaluating Nirmata with my esteemed peer, Joe Mann. From my purview, Nirmata provides an “easy” way for Kubernetes management. More importantly, they have written a UI plugin for VMware Cloud Director (VCD) that calls upon the Container Service Extension (CSE).

In this blog post, I’d like to summarize some of the unique functionality and my experience with Nirmata, CSE, and VCD. I believe this is extremely relevant for Cloud Providers and consumers of VCD.

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