VMworld 2021 – Why Multi-Cloud Matters for Cloud Providers


Just in a few short weeks, we will be kicking off our next VMworld event in digital form. In this post, I’d like to discuss why it’s important to attend this year’s event, especially for our VMware partner and cloud provider community.

This Year’s Event

You’ll see that our tracks have evolved a bit –

Specifically, the Multi-Cloud session is a focus point for myself. Why? Our team is focusing on providing a common – yet familiar – operating model wherever your cloud platform resides. This is inclusive of our VMware partner clouds, which could operate within their premises or within a hyperscaler cloud.

Importance of Multi-Cloud

From my point of view, the term “multi-cloud” is up to interpretation. We are framing this new operating model that encapsulates traditional and cloud-native workloads while utilizing native hyperscaler or managed services. There’s a cascading impact to all of these changes: from architecture, sales, and operations.

I highly suggest starting first with the VMware Multi-Cloud Architecture landing page. This is a great way to get yourself aware of this transition.

As a VMware Cloud Provider or MSP, it’s important to start thinking and acting on the following themes:

  1. How am I providing new and agile services between my current premises and hyperscaler partnerships?
  2. What is our current managed security offering? How are we evolving this practice to conform with cloud-native workloads?
  3. How are we enabling our development customers with the agility they demand for cloud-native workloads?
  4. Is there an opportunity to provide a differentiated offering in highly regulated verticals?

I am limited on discussing our Cloud Provider specific announcements, but I am definitely looking forward to showcasing our advancements within our Cloud Provider landscape. More to come!

Sessions for Cloud Providers

Next, the below is a list of all of our VMware Cloud Provider specific sessions.

Some of the themes you might spot:

  1. Regulated (Sovereign) Clouds are of importance. Patrick’s session will go into the common framework of what it takes to be a sovereign cloud provider.
  2. Asset-Light Strategy – Cloud Partner Navigator and Cloud Director Service unlocks new possibilities for MSPs.
  3. Security, Application Modernization, and Digital Workspace strategies – these are all new offering opportunities. Take advantage of the knowledge the team will be providing.

Please register and attend where you can!

Session CodeTitleSession TypePrimary Audience
MCL1799​Meet the Experts: A Multicloud Journey with Cloud Director Service – with Urbano and David​Meet the Expert​Cloud Architect​
MCL1095​Meet the Expert: NSX-V to NSX-T for Cloud Providers with Romain​Meet the Expert​Cloud Architect​
MCL1092Return of the Sovereign Cloud: Protecting Data & Building a Digital Economy​Breakout Sessions​CEO​
SEC1782​Practical guide of next generation Security Services for Cloud Providers​Breakout Sessions​VP, System Architecture​
APP1080​Building a compelling Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Business​Breakout Sessions​VP, Apps & Platforms​
MCL2340​VMware Zero Carbon Committed as a Cloud Provider Differentiator for growth​Breakout Sessions​CEO​
MCL1421​VMware Cloud Partner Navigator technical deep dive​Breakout Sessions​Cloud Architect​
MCL2167​What is New in VMware Cloud Director?​Breakout Sessions​Cloud Architect​
MCL2075​Strategy and Vision to Accelerate Cloud Provider and MSP Growth​Breakout Sessions​Cloud Architect​
MCL2333​Redefining the Art of Possible with VMware Cloud​Tech+ Tutorial​Director, Cloud Ops​
EUS2769​The Anywhere Workspace: Workspace ONE and Horizon Cloud for Cloud Providers Breakout Sessions​Director, Infrastructure​

Call to Action

In conclusion, VMworld is a great opportunity for a global audience to learn more from your industry peers, but the general pass is open at no cost. If you haven’t registered yet, please register here.

I look forward to seeing you all virtually at VMworld.


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