VMworld 2020 – Top Cloud Provider Sessions

VMworld is this week! While I am sad I cannot see many of you in person, I wanted to spend some time to review a few sessions that are rather pertinent for our global cloud providers. I am going to break this out into specific categories. The sessions I list below are not exhaustive in nature as there are over 40+ sessions that are Cloud Provider focused.

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Cloud Provider Platform

First, there has been significant growth of VCPP-related sessions at VMware. Even in this digital platform, we have a multitude of different topics for our global providers. I am going to summarize a few that are focused on the Cloud Provider Platform and should be reviewed.

HCPS1717 – Grow Your Business with VMware Cloud Director: Deliver High
Margin Services

I’ve seen some of this material and it’s extremely valuable. We’ve had exponential growth of VCD between new and existing providers, so this is a great way to understand lessons learned on building a business on top of VCD.

HCPS2407 – What is New in VMware Cloud Director

VCD continues to evolve rapidly – this session will provide what’s available and what’s coming in within our platform. Definitely check this out!

HCPS1748 – The Why and How of Building Developer Ready Clouds

We are evolving towards a services delivery platform that is beyond just VMs. One area that is of focus is cloud native services including containers and Kubernetes. Joe is someone I work with often and does an incredible job of explaining the capabilities from VMware.

HCPS2625 – All Things Networking for VMware Cloud Providers

Networking is front and center for any Cloud Provider. Romain is someone that is skilled in articulating networking concepts and this session will definitely pack a punch.

HCPS1456 – Operationalize Business Continuity Services for a Distributed Workforce

Hey, you might recognize one of these speakers in this session! 🙂 Mariush and I wanted to cover the core capabilities of Cloud Director Availability 4.0 but also tie it to an important use case: how do we maintain continuous business operations? Mariush also does a great demo during this session.


Next, asset-light is the term we use for our Managed Service Providers that consume VMware Cloud Services. This is a great way to break into a region or geography without physical data center space. Moreover, we are focusing efforts on providing a Cloud Provider Platform experience within a provider’s data center or consuming VMware Cloud Services.

HCPS2304 – Operational Considerations for VMware Cloud Director Service

Cloud Director service is now in its initial availability and ever-evolving from a feature-set perspective. This is a session to check out if you’re interested to see what “VCD as a Service” can do today with VMware Cloud on AWS.

HCPS2623 – Multi-tenant VMware Cloud on AWS Powered by VMware Cloud
Director Service (T-Systems)

You have two powerhouse speakers in this session: the PM leader for VCD and a Service Provider Architect. I’m excited to see how T-Systems is operationalizing VCDs and the capabilities it delivers.

HCPS2040 – Delivering Desktop-as-a-Service with Horizon Cloud for Cloud

This current year truly changed how EUC came to fruition for many providers, especially when resources are needed immediately. I’m excited to see how OB and Sean provide guidance for Horizon Cloud and how it can relate to a single or multi-tenant offering.


We have many different demos and labs this year that are VMware Cloud Provider focused, which is great. This layers on top of our existing Hands-on Labs (HOL) that are available at hol.vmware.com, but updated with some of the recent releases.

On the “Cloud Builder” side, we have many demos available.

Recommended Demos:

DEM3311 – Cloud Director: What’s New

DEM3229 – Cloud Director: App Launchpad Overview

DEM3225 – Virtual Cloud Network and Multi-Cloud Networking with VMware Cloud Director and NSX-T

For a Managed Service Provider, I definitely would check out these two demos.

DEM3243 – Cloud Director service: Scaling Multi-Tenant Cloud Services

DEM3313 – SD-WAN for Cloud Provider Partners


In summary, while VMworld is being delivered in a virtual format, the delivery of substantive material does not. A significant amount of time and effort went into each of these sessions. Enjoy and hope to see you all next year in person!


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