VMware vCloud Director 9.7 Appliance – Script Infographic

Recently, I’ve been spending time with the VMware vCloud Director (vCD) 9.7 appliance. This is the second iteration of the appliance that provides the cell state and PostgreSQL functionality. It’s certainly exciting to see what the next version brings to the table for our providers.

First off, Tomas Fojta did a great job on documenting many different appliance tips from a deployment and operational perspective.

One of my esteemed peers, Bob Motanagh, created a script infographic for the vCloud Director 9.7 appliances. This reviews the commonly called (or consumed) scripts along with logging locations of each of these scripts.

Since Bob provided approval, I am happy to share this publicly. We thought this would be extremely useful on understanding some of the inner-workings when using the vCloud Director appliance version.

Thanks again, Bob!

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