NSX Edge Cluster Capability in VMware vCloud Director 9.7 – Summary

Recently, I’ve been spending time on reviewing new functionality inside of VMware vCloud Director (vCD) 9.7, specifically Edge Clusters. Edge Clusters provides distinct capabilities to control tenant Edge placement while achieving a higher level of availability. While Edges are a distinct function of NSX to control traffic that ingresses/egresses out of NSX, vCD can provide a significant level of additional functionality.

Abhinav Mishra and I have spent some time writing about the rationale, implementation, migration, and design decisions in regards to Edge Clusters in version 9.7. Below are the links to each of these respective blog posts:

Introduction to Edge Clusters in VMware vCloud Director 9.7 (Part 1 of 3)

Setting up Edge Clusters in VMware vCloud Director 9.7 (Part 2 of 3)

Edge Cluster Design and Migration Considerations for VMware vCloud Director 9.7 (Part 3 of 3)

Last of all, we did two videos that reviews further details of Edge Clusters and also implementing them for an organization virtual datacenter.

We hope this helps others and showcases some of the great new functionality of the vCD 9.7 release! Thanks.


2 thoughts on “NSX Edge Cluster Capability in VMware vCloud Director 9.7 – Summary”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    How the API for edge cluster will be applied in case of DLR and UDLR and how to apply the API on the UDLR and DLR that is already configured.

    1. For a DLR, vCD does not deploy a Control VM, so it’s not applicable for Edge Clusters.
      For a UDLR Control VM, this is deployed, but controlled when configuring it within the attached vCenter/NSX Manager configuration (by applying a resource path or MOB ID). One could specify the Edge Cluster, but would be configured completely separate from this configuration.


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