VMware EMPOWER Usage Meter Session Material for Cloud Providers

Luis and I had a great session this morning at the VMware Partner EMPOWER conference around Optimizing vCloud Usage Meter for VMware Cloud Provider Environments –

Due to the popularity of the session (it was full this past weekend), we now have added a second session on Thursday, April 19th. Luis will be presenting solo since I have a prior conflict.

A few things I want to stress for the providers that may have been at the session or one that has not –

  1. Usage Meter is not a customer-facing chargeback solution. Below is a Venn diagram we built that shows what overlaps with vRealize Business for Cloud – not much as you can see. 
  2. Follow the five steps to success – this will ensure everything is covered for a proper and successful Usage Meter deployment. 
  3. Use the planning sheet that was created – this is a great way of ensuring everything is covered from a planning perspective. 
  4. Follow Luis’s do’s and do not’s for proper billing and reporting. It’s important as this is an obligation of all Cloud Providers within the program. Luis went into extensive detail during the session and gave real-world examples. 

Finally, we have all of the material we referenced here in one location, along with our presentation. Luis and I look forward to future discussions and we also have submitted this session for VMworld. Hoping to see many of you this week and at other sessions.

Thank you!


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