vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 Hot Patch Steps – In-Place Upgrade!!

This is an exciting day – there has been a patch release for vCloud Usage Meter. With this patch release, we do not need to deploy a new appliance and migrate over. There was a release for vCD 9.1 support and a few miscellaneous fixes.

This is a VERY simple process and I just uploaded my own Usage Meter instance in about five minutes while screenshotting the process.

Note – this can be used with vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 build 7359407. If you are running an older version of Usage Meter, you will need to use the traditional migration method. 

Steps from the README file

  1. Ensure there are no current running tasks in UM, like auto-collect or hourly reporting.
  2. Backup the appliance – either snapshot it or clone it (remember to delete the snap after)
  3. Enable SSH on the appliance (if not enabled)
  4. Download the patch from here
  5. SCP the zip file to the appliance
  6. Check SHA to ensure consistency
  7. Switch user up to root (or sudo)
  8. RPM -i to install the patch.
  9. Done! Now you can add vCD 9.1 for successful metering

Step by Step Install

We can see the current build is the following:

Download and Upload

  1. Download the patch from the VMware Downloads Site 
  2. Extract it…
  3. Let’s now SCP it up – I am using the “usgmtr” account since that allows remote logins by default. 

SSH to Verify SHA and Install Patch

  1. Let’s now SSH to Usage Meter using the “usgmtr” account: 
  2. Verify hash – yep, it matches:
  3. Let’s switch user to root so we can install the package successfully. 
  4. Run “rpm -i <filename>” and let it do its work! 

Login to UM, Verify Build, add vCD 9.1

  1. We can now see a new build number for UM: 
  2. Now let’s activate or add in vCloud Director 9.1 for successful metering. 
  3. Now we can see it active in the Products list – excellent!

Again, very easy. Make sure you backup the appliance (either clone it) and run this after the 3rd of the month per the README. Enjo


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