VMware vCloud Director 9.1 is out!

So the VMware Cloud Provider BU has dropped the next release of VMware vCloud Director – version 9.1.

Release notes are posted here, but I’d like to summarize some of the great additions to vCD. I’ll probably miss a few things, but the below is what’s very interesting and shows the power of vCloud Director as we expand the platform.

vCloud Director 9.1 Release Notes

vCloud Director 9.1 Download

New Features

  1. Continued HTML5 transition – while this is a multi-phased approach, the following have been accomplished in this release. Quite a bit has been accomplished on the tenant side. Next release will focus on finishing the Provider side of the vCD management.
    1. Client Integration Plugin (CIP) for upload management – yay!!! Ability to upload OVF/OVA. 
    2. Multi-Site Navigation Portal – check it out. Very clean looking. I can also provide the organization association through the portal. 
    3. Create VM or vApp – nice simple workflows 
  2. Standalone VMRC Availability – great addition rather than the previous console access, which was always a pain. 9.0 released the HTML5 VM Console and now we have the standalone VM Remote Console support in 9.1. Again, no need for the vSphere CIP anymore with the HTML5 portal. 
  3. vRealize Orchestrator Integration – in my opinion, great addition to the vCD platform. Now we can provide direct vRO integration to vCD to kick off workflows. This is all done through the Content/Service Library.
  4. Python SDK and vCD-CLI – embracing the automation community. The SDK supports automation with Python, and the CLI enables Providers and tenant operations to integrate services within vCD. All open-sourced. Check it out here: http://vmware.github.io/pyvcloud/
  5. Container Service Extension – vCD will now support lifecycle management of K8s clusters through the Container Service Extension (CSE). K8s cluster nodes will be treated the same way as VM’s. One platform for both VMs and containers. Will be documented on the GitHub page also: https://vmware.github.io/container-service-extension/ 
  6. Support for SR-IOV / NFV Requests – this is a big item for our NFV friends, especially to guarantee network resources for low-latency demanding workloads. To add to this, we also added support for Large Page VM’s, guaranteed VM latency sensitivity for specific VMs.
  7. FIPS Mode for NSX – FIPS was introduced in NSX 6.3.0, but now we have the ability to toggle this within the vCD UI on per edge gateway. Obviously, you must be running NSX 6.3x or later for this to work.

Topics of Interest

  1. Moving to Cassandra 3.x for metric data – any legacy upgrade using KairosDB has Cassandra 2.2.6 support. Be aware of this for new installations.
  2. End of Support for Oracle Database – 9.1 will be the last release to support Oracle databases. I don’t see Oracle that often, but be aware of this for future releases!
    1. I would also advise all of my providers to get used to Postgres as the database option. We are trying to simplify vCD further….hint here.
  3. End of Support for vCloud API 1.5 and 5.1 – if you are using the 1.5 or 5.1 API for any API calls, it will not work in 9.1. Ensure you are changing any code before upgrading to vCD 9.1. Moreover, any API versions earlier than 20.0 will be not supported in future releases, so plan accordingly.
  4. Note that the SP Admin HTML5 UI is still underway. You will still continue to use the Flex UI for everything except the vRO registration and content library creation.
  5. There will be a patch release for Usage Meter and vCloud Director Extender shortly to support this release. Please be aware of this before any upgrades.

Another solid release from our team. I look forward to seeing this in production at our Cloud Providers!


5 thoughts on “VMware vCloud Director 9.1 is out!”

  1. Do we required to install Client Integration Plugin (CIP) on client machine to be able to upload vAPP from OVF in this version?,
    we have CIP 6.2 and IE11 but it is not working with vCloud Director 9.1, but CIP is not getting detected while upload.

    1. You need to use the H5 UI rather than the flex/flash UI. Add /tenant/ to the end of your vCD fqdn to utilize the new UI. There is no plugin required for OVF upload or the VM console.

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