Update VMware vCloud Director 9 in 5 Minutes

I sometimes hear that vCloud Director (vCD) is cumbersome and hard to install/upgrade. I just updated my lab environment vCD instance from 9.0 to 9.0.1 in about five minutes. The team has done an incredible job of making any patch/upgrade process seamless. Below are the steps for upgrading while documentation link is below.

Upgrade VMware vCloud Director Installation – Documentation

We can see I’m running the 9.0 base version. As stated above, we will upgrade to 9.0.1.

Download and check integrity

  1. Go to vmware.com and download the latest upgrade package 
  2. Upload via SCP (or your method of transfer) to your vCD cell 
  3. Now let’s SSH to our vCD cell and check the md5sum to ensure nothing happened from downloading it to copying it. Yes, md5 matches and we are good! 
  4. Let’s go ahead and make the bin file executable. “chmod u+x <filename>” makes it easy and now we can see it’s executable. 

Run the Installer

  1. We are now ready to run the vCD installer bin file. Let’s go ahead and dot slash it! 
  2. The installer will verify you have an upgradeable version of vCloud Director and ensure you want to proceed with the upgrade. Type “y” to continue on. 
  3. Now we can see the installer is stopping the vCD cell processes and continuing on with the installation.
  4. And we are complete! The last message we see is we need to perform the database upgrade to ensure the schema is up to date. 

Update the vCloud Director Database

  1. Okay, let’s go ahead and run “/opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/upgrade” – we see a message ensuring you want to continue with the upgrade. You’ll want to make sure all of your other cells are stopped to ensure there’s no database connections. 
  2. The upgrade will look at the database and ensure everything is acceptable. Again, you’ll one more time, just to make sure you have that backup! 🙂 
  3. we can see the upgrade task was completed and everything looks great. We are prompted to start the vCD services back up. Type y to continue on. 
  4. Services are started! 

Let’s log in and check the build version. There we go, on the latest version of vCloud Director 9.0!

That’s it. Very easy and straightforward. If you’re interested in further insight on architecting vCloud Director, do check out our free vCloud Architecture Toolkit papers:



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