vCloud Usage Meter – Round Up Post

Updated December 1st, 2020 – reswizzled for 4.3 

Usage Meter 4.3/4.x

Usage Meter 4.3 Deployment Guide

Usage Meter 3.6.1

Note that the below posts are still applicable for the latest version of Usage Meter 3.6.1. Please apply any necessary hot patches post-deployment.

vCloud Usage Meter was released almost two weeks ago and I wanted to provide a summary post for those of you that will be deployed/migrating to 3.6.1.

Release Notes for Usage Meter 3.6.1 

Download Page for 3.6.1

3.6.1 does have several enhancements for vROps and vSAN reporting – so I suggest migrating as soon as possible for accurate reporting.

Remember, continue to run your existing UM instance for at least two (2) months to verify billing and monitoring accuracy (i.e. ensure you aren’t missing a vCenter instance!).

This is a minor release, so my past posts all apply here.

VMware vCloud Usage Insight – Automatic Phone Home Reporting

VMware vCloud Usage Meter and Usage Insight Landing Page

Bundle Translation and Logic

VMware vCloud Usage Meter – BND to Bundle Translation Technical Discussion

Hot Patch 3 for Usage Meter 3.6.1 – vCAv 3.x Metering

VMware vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 – Metering of vCloud Availability 3.x and Logic Review

Migrate from existing Usage Meter to 3.6.1

Migrating to vCloud Usage Meter 3.6

End to End vCloud Usage Meter Installation (3 Parts)

Part 1 – Usage Meter Deployment

Part 2 – Usage Meter Deployment

Part 3 – Usage Meter Deployment


Automate retrieving the Horizon Usage Report for VMware Cloud Providers

Correcting vROps Reporting in Usage Meter

Usage Meter and vRealize Operations 8.1 Authentication

Handy Commands for Usage Meter 

Cloud Director Availability with Usage Meter Integration

Happy Deploying!


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