vSphere Central – Go-To Bible for core functions!

Hot off the presses here – VMware has released a new content page for go-to information for install, configuration, and management guidance.


Things to point out:

  1. vCenter High Availability Overview – https://vspherecentral.vmware.com/#!/vcenter-server/configuration-and-day-2-operations/vcenter-high-availability-overview
  2. vROps Performance and Health Monitoring Guidance – https://vspherecentral.vmware.com/#!/operations-management/performance-and-health-monitoring
  3. Command-Line Interfaces – https://vspherecentral.vmware.com/#!/developer-and-automation-interfaces/command-line-interfaces

This is a GREAT go-to page for core functions from a lifecycle perspective. Get this out to your teams!

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